Books by Pulse Publications provide a complete solution for DNB & NEET PG Entrance Examinations. Around 270 questions / topics were repeated out of 300 questions that were asked in NEET PG JAN 2019 Entrance Exam and more than 150 MCQs / Topics were from only last 2 Papers.

  • Approximately 150 MCQs / Topics were frequently asked from previous years DNB Papers (Last 3 Years)
  • round about 120-130 were asked from previous years NEET papers (Last 3 years)
  • 90-100 MCQs / Topics were asked again from DNB June 2018
  • 60-70 MCQs / Topics were repeated at times from NEET Jan 2018

Our books have proven to be a Must Have Success Partner for NEET PG Entrance Exam